Twin Cities Jazz Festival

The Lead Sheet: Twin Cities Live Jazz, January 27 – February 2

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Jon Weber  performs and leads jam at the Winter Jazz Festival this weekend © Andrea Canter

© Andrea Canter

 It might not last but it is nice to see some sunshine as I write this! And we have a lot of sunny music coming our way this weekend with the return of the Twin Cities Winter Jazz Festival in St Paul, along with a variety of our great local artists and visitors gigging into next week. Also a shout out to my parents (age 94 and 95) celebrating their 71st anniversary on January 27, who are fully responsible for my love of music.


Big Gigs This Week

Friday, January 27. Vieux Carre’ presents Peter Kogan’s smokin’ Monsterful Wonderband.  The retired Minnesota Orchestra timpanist has turned to jazz in a big way, playing with big talents –Pete Whitman (sax), Adam Rossmiller (trumpet), Scott Agster (trombone), Chris Olson (guitar), Phil Aaron (piano), and Gary Raynor (bass).

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